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ahora, ven'ca! (Sp) Come here now!


C’est quoi? (Fr) What's this?


Cabelo loiro (Port) Blond hair


Como estas? (Sp) How are you?


Esta Toby, seu frère (Frañol)* This is Toby, your brother


fou (Fr) crazy / mad


Il y a escuela? (Frañol)* Is there a school?


Le Maitre (Fr) The Master


Mama, c’est hombre a la puerta! (Frañol)* Mother, there's a man at the door!


marinheiro (Port) sailor


Parla nada! (Frañol)* Don't speak!


cuando vamos a mercado? (Sp) When will we go to the market?


Que es esto? (Sp) What is this? / What's the matter?


Qué te pasa? (Sp) What's wrong with you?


Quién es? (Sp) Who is it?


Si, si, ella esta en casa (Sp) Yes, yes, she's at home


Vamos (Sp) Come on / Let's go


Ven’ca! (Sp) Come here!



* Frañol is a mix of French and Spanish,

  as used in the book by Magdalena and Eduardo