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tack: A zigzag route of a sailing vessel to make good a course into the wind



taffrail: The railing at the bulwark around the stern of a vessel



takings: (see booty)



topgallant: The mast or sail above the main mast and mainsail in a square rigged ship (see sails and rigging)



topsail: The second sail (counting from the bottom) up a mast

(see sails and rigging)



tricorn hat: A hat having the brim turned up on three sides; popular during the 17th century

weigh anchor: To heave up an anchor in preparation for sailing



wheelhouse: The deck compartment located at the bridge offering protection for the helmsman, watch officers and navigator



windward: The side or direction that the wind is coming from; the weather side



yard: The horizontal spar from which a square sail is suspended



yuca bread: (see cassava)

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