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lanyard: A short length of rope or cord



league: A unit of length, normally equal to three nautical miles



leeward: The side that is away from the wind



Letters of Marque: A document issued by a government granting permission for a private vessel to plunder a foreign state



list: The lean or tilt of a vessel which is usually caused by flooding or improperly loaded cargo



lit a repose: A chaise longue or reclining sofa

machete: a broad, heavy knife originating in Central America and the Caribbean



manatee: An aquatic mammal with a rounded tail flipper, living in shallow coastal waters and adjacent rivers of Central America



masthead: A small platform just above the main yard of a mast



mast: A vertical spar (pole) on a sailing vessel to support the yards and sails



Master: The captain of a merchant vessel



Mate: Second in command of a merchant vessel

Menuet: A slow, stately dance in triple time, popular in the 17th and 18th centuries



mizzen: The smaller, aftermost, mast on a sailing vessel (see ship parts)



mizzen deck: The after deck, nearest the stern (rear) of the vessel



molasses: A thick, dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process, sometimes used to sweeten drinking water



moor: To dock a vessel or secure it to an anchored buoy



mulatto: A person of mixed white and black ancestry, especially with one white and one black parent



musket: A long barrelled muzzle-loading gun fired from the shoulder

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