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flintlock: A lock for a gun or pistol having a flint in the hammer for striking a spark to ignite the charge



flotilla: A group or fleet of ships



for'ard, forward: Towards the bow or front of the vessel (see ship parts)



fore and aft rig: Sails that are set in line with the vessel rather than at right angles to it



forecastle, fo'c's'le: A compartment at the head of the vessel to house the sailors' living quarters (see ship parts)



foremast: The vertical spar (wooden pole) stepped nearest the bow

(see ship parts)  



foresail: The lowest sail on the foremast of a square rigged vessel

(see sails and rigging)



foretopsail: The next sail above the foresail (see sails and rigging)



Frañol: A dialect fusion of French and Spanish as spoken by Magdalena

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galleon: A large Spanish square rigged ship of the 16th to 18th centuries



galley: The kitchen of a ship



gangway: A passageway or ladder.



grenade: A weapon commonly used by pirates



guava: an edible pale orange tropical fruit with pink, juicy flesh and a strong, sweet aroma



guinea: the sum of 21 shillings



gun port: The opening in the side of the ship where the cannon protrudes



gunwale: Upper edge of the hull (Name derived from the place where you rest your gun to take aim)  

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